Graduate School of Science & Faculty of Science,  Kobe University

Dean's Message

Dean's Message Our Faculty of Science conducts education and research on the most fundamental issues in natural science. Our researchers are creating new concepts about nature based on various theoretical developments and experiments. It can be said that the main aim of science is to develop new insights into matter and life, thus enabling us to enrich our knowledge of nature. Historically speaking, discoveries and the establishment of theories, such as the concept of parallel lines, the heliocentric theory of our planetary system, special relativity, quantum mechanics and the double helix of DNA, brought fundamental changes in humanity's scientific view of the world, in addition to the excitement associated with the discoveries. It is the truest of pleasures to expand our knowledge about nature, and we believe that the education provided by our Faculty of Science gives genuine support toward this pursuit.

The Faculty of Science of Kobe University consists of five departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Planetology.

We accept 140 first-year students in the undergraduate course, 120 in the master's course and 30 in the doctor's course every year.

These are relatively small numbers compared with the fact that we have nearly 120 faculty members. This enables much close contact between individual students and professors.

Scientific research requires curiosity, while at the same time endeavoring to reach a concrete new understanding. With this new understanding of the world, you can experience the great pleasure of scientific research.

We invite highly motivated students who are ready to challenge the mysteries of nature to join us in the quest for knowledge.

[Dean: Prof. Masahiko Saito]