Graduate School of Science & Faculty of Science,  Kobe University

Dean's Message

Dean's Message I would like to send a warm welcome to all international students, faculties, and guests. The Faculty of Science was originally established in 1949 as a part of Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science, one of the founding six faculties of Kobe University. Soon after the establishment, the Faculty of Science was established as an independent faculty (in 1954). Now our Faculty of Science and Graduate School of Science consist of 5 departments including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and planetology. These 5 constitutional areas cover a wide range of natural sciences.

In each year, we admit 153 undergraduate students (and 25 transfer students at 3rd year) and 151 graduate students (122 for master's course and 27 for PhD course) to be enrolled. On the other hand, we have more than 110 active faculty members, which would bring close educational environments for teachers and students. The small-group education is one of the key characteristics of our Faculty of Science and the Graduate School of Science.

We are running English-based master's program since April 2018. The program is offered for international students and they can obtain master's degree by taking classes conducted entirely in English.

Please visit our beautiful campus located at the foot of Mt. Rokko (and our website) and think about your future life studying in Kobe, one of the most attractive cities in Japan.

[Dean: Prof. Masahiko Arakawa]